It all began with my love for trainers. I grew up in the 90s with my grandparents and 2 older brothers, who were always up to date with the streetwear trends and having fresh (the newest) trainers was the most important thing.  If your trainers were not matching your outfit, where you really saying anything?

Over the years I continued the tradition by making sure everything matched, down to the socks I wore. Colour schemes are everything.

I also had a real passion for animation and fell in love with Anime (Japanese Cartoons for TV/Films). If I wasn’t watching it, it was drawing and decided to get my degree as a Graphic Designer.

It was only then I realised how much Graphic Design and Fashion could go hand in hand, and I started printing custom pieces for friends and family. It was successful for a period, but due the struggles of everyday life and especially the loss of my grandfather who was my biggest supporter.

I lost my confidence and gave up on my dream.

A few years ago, I decided to try again, but this time creating my own "Label" and producing comfortable products anyone could wear every day.

I want to build a brand that allows anyone to wear things their way, hopefully matching all their trainers and something my grandfather could be proud of. Family is everything.

Live, Love and Dare to Dream.