10 Fashion Brands of the 90s

90s fashion especially streetwear shaped the way the world would wear clothes forever and it became more socially acceptable for you to wear casual clothing on day-to-day outside the comfort of your home. People began swapping out their set uniforms for jeans, hoodies and baggy t-shirts.

Hip-Hop music helped push forward the streetwear brands in a big way and for that, I’ll be forever grateful for the freedom it gave me when wearing brands, I grew to love. It also inspired me so heavily to start my brand. Back then there was no social media and fashion fit everybody regardless of their shape or size. This is one of the reasons why I will always love the 90s. You were allowed to feel comfortable in your skin and as today is National Old Stuff Day, I decided to celebrate it by making a list of some of the brands I remember from back then. Please keep in mind that this list isn’t in a top 10 order, just the ones I remembered when creating this post.


Founded in 1969 by Don