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The 1025 Way! - Content told our way.

We are opening our virtual doors to our 1025 community by giving you behind-the-scenes access to how we manage our business.

It's coming. As we take a moment to smooth the creases out, we will voice our opinions on what we are heavily motivated by and supply you with one or more subjects every Tuesday and Thursday, including:

- Streetwear

- Business

- Film & TV

- Music

- Gaming

- Books

Our content will include news, trends, reviews, top 10s, how to tips and a detailed history on each category researched by our team.

We are also launching ‘Shining the Light’, where on the first Tuesday of each month we feature case studies on other entrepreneurs we know and love.

Are you also interested in any of these subject?... Why not follow us and share your thoughts...

Live, Love & Dare to Dream.

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