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Clear Face Mask: new & improved design

Yesterday while doing some research into another subject for the blog, I came across a sponsored link that reads: “Wembley: Why is everyone going crazy over this new face shield?”

It wasn’t the title that caught my attention, it was the image that came with it…

I laughed so hard for a while as all I could see was the face of Anthony Hopkins in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ portraying his most memorable character to date Hannibal Lecter.

Does it not remind you of the ‘Tiger Mask’?

He wore it while being restrained in a white Asylum straitjacket whenever he was being transported around the prison as they were worried he would bite the guards. The only thing this clear mask is missing is the bars in the middle section for your mouth.

With how the world is going, having a clear mask is a great idea. It allows you to communicate with others without having to remove it, but I’m sure there are better ones on the market that don’t look so scary especially towards children and people like me.

They are available for purchase at £22 from GizUpp... My only question is, would you wear it?

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