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Released: 5th November 2021

Cast: Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie & Salma Hayek

Director: Chloé Zhao

Writer: Chloé Zhao & Patrick Burleigh

Duration: 2hr 36mins

Rating: 12A

Genres: Action, Adventure & Fantasy.

Synopsis: The saga of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilisations.

My thoughts:

With the number of Eternals on the team, you automatically have a large quantity of source material. You would expect this movie to be another Marvel masterpiece, but unfortunately, it is not. The Deviants return to Earth to wipe out humanity, which causes the Eternals out of the shadows to serve and protect.

I was entertained more by Dune than I was with this Marvel adaptation. I’ve been a Marvel fan from an early age (about seven or eight years old), so the last 25 years have been a roller-coaster of emotions when it comes to the highs and lows of the Marvel franchise. It was average with some watchable action, but it somehow managed to remain flat.

The length of the movie was unnecessary. I appreciated the history lesson on how the Eternals came to be on Earth and their purpose, but the multiple flashbacks scattered throughout became irritating. I would have preferred a movie montage to shorten the process.

I was left feeling incomplete and somewhat unimpressed. It is a Marvel movie that has me questioning whether it is needed at all. The Sony/Marvel movies have been subpar for many years, leaving some fans disappointed beyond belief. This movie also falls into this bracket.

They implied by the way the movie concluded that we’re in store for a sequel. Any true Marvel fan knows that staying for the end credits is a must. We have been introduced to multiple new characters this way for years, and this movie was no different. We met Black Knight and Starfox. Harry Styles plays Starfox. Yep, that guy from One Direction had a cameo playing Thanos’ brother. Whether Harry can act is yet to be determined, but I accept that he has the Starfox look.

My Star rating: 3/5.

If you’re looking for a superhero movie that will entertain you and doesn’t require you to pay too much attention, then this is for you.

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