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Released: 27th October 2021

Cast: Kate Siegel, Jason O’Mara & Dulé Hill

Director: Matt Angel & Suzanne Coote

Writer: Richard D’Ovidio

Duration: 1hr 28mins

Rating: 15

Genres: Drama, Horror & Mystery.

Synopsis: A young woman seeking self-improvement enlists the help of a renowned hypnotherapist. But after a handful of intense sessions, she discovers unexpected and deadly consequences.

My thoughts:

What do you get when you combine a group of intelligent characters who should know better and a therapist who constantly appears to be 15 steps ahead?... It was an unsuccessfully constructed movie that I continued to watch as it had a decent concept.

Here we go again with another thriller that begins with foolishness. We find Andrea Bowen working alone after hours in a very poorly lit office become paranoid that someone is observing her. You learn before she died that she had a stalker. My opening question was: If you know you have a stalker, why would you remain by yourself and believe no one will turn up in any shape or form?

Dr Meade wasn’t crazy or scary. He resembled a lost soul who lacked cuddles from his father as a child. Appearing suspicious, I believe anybody who understands logic would maintain distance from him, but this movie had other intentions. Gina Kelman’s invited Dr Meade to a private party amidst her family and friends. Socialising with your patients goes against the doctor’s code, right? Everyone around him never seemed to have a problem with it. I’m the only person who cared about it, and this gave off a mysterious vibe early on.

Dr Meade meets Jenn Tompson for the first time at this party. Jenn becomes his new obsession as Gina presents Dr Meade as the best opinion for Jenn to heal from her trauma. I spent over an hour following this story as the doctor confuses Jenn in ways that make no sense to rational people. Suggesting hypnosis to Jenn in one of their therapy sessions provides him with a way to get to know her while she loses all control. I would’ve questioned why my fantasies about my doctor felt more like memories.

Gina dies not long after Jenn first reveals her concerns. She warranted it. I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for her. She brought it on herself. If she had taken the situation seriously, things would’ve panned out differently.

Having two directors create this movie was unnecessary. One person’s vision is usually more reliable than two. You now have a writer whose vision needs to be understood by the directors. We ended up with three people attempting to make one movie. Their relationships didn’t coordinate properly. Netflix sometimes mishandles their productions, and I believe it’s best to leave things alone.

My Star rating: 1/5.

The penny never dropped in this movie. If common sense was a natural thing for people, they never had it. I wasted an extreme amount of time challenging the logic behind the story without getting answers that made sense. The only positive I take away from this movie is I’ll never authorise a therapist to hypnotise me. I prefer to stay alert and consciously talk about my feelings.

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