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Malcolm & Marie

Released: 5th February 2021

Cast: Zendaya & John David Washington

Director & Writer: Sam Levinson

Duration: 1hr 46mins

Age Rating: 15

Genres: Independent Films & Drama.

Synopsis: As a filmmaker and his girlfriend return home from his movie premier, smouldering tension and painful revelations push them toward a romantic reckoning.

My thoughts:

Be prepared for a battle of true love and I can personally contest too if a woman says “I promise you, it’s not a good idea. Let’s just talk tomorrow.” Listen to her and sleep on it. Malcolm should have done that when Marie said it, but oh no he wanted the smoke that she was about to give him.

The film starts with a title sequence that reminds me of the old school cowboy films I used to watch with my Granddad. The wide shot opens you up to the corner of the house with acres of land in the back and the crickets chirping.

The film is shot beautifully in black and white which takes away the noise of bright colours on the screen, allowing you to focus more on their body language and what they’re saying especially highlighting their insecurities. The house was in the middle of nowhere with huge floor to ceiling windows that made it almost impossible to hide from each other. Whether he was outside, or she was inside, the camera’s wide shots were able to capture it all.

The soundtrack was smooth, Malcolm seemed to always play songs that expressed how he was feeling or the type of person he was, and this also set an undertone while he vents eating the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Marie makes for him when they arrived home.

I was impressed with how both actors were able to channel relatable characters that I saw parts of myself in as their argument continued through the night and their toxic traits were on show for all to see. True love is never easy, but with the right person by your side life can seem to come together.

Marie says “You know what Malcolm, I feel like once you know someone's there for you, and once you know they love you; you never actually think of them again. It's not until you're about to lose someone, that you finally pay attention.”

At this point, I paused the film for a moment to let those words sit with me. I’ve never heard a truer statement about love, and the struggles you face trying to hold onto it when you become so complacent. Communication is key and sometimes we forget to remind the other person that we love and appreciate them because we just expect them to know it.

I never thought this film would be so intense. I found myself being unable to take my eyes off the screen as I got lost in their love story. With their nonstop rollercoaster dialogue hitting some real low blows where I would make sure he slept on the sofa, they manage to somehow sleep in the same bed with other each not ending it with Goodnight, but with an “I’m sorry” and a “Thank you”.

It’s one of the best movies I’ve watched in a long time. I know it’s a Netflix movie, but the only thing for me that was missing is the cinema experience. If you’re looking for a film about love, struggles, confidence, self-doubt and toxic behaviour then this is the one for you.

My Star rating: 4/5.

Why not give it a watch and let me know you if saw it the way I did or if I was totally off the mark.

All images sourced from Netflix

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