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Rick Ross: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

I’m here to give my opinion on the concert Rick Ross did for ‘NPR Music’, but first let me give you a small backstory as to how I came across it. Tuesday evening, the TV in my room decided to pack up as I tried switching it on using the button and yes, I said button instead of a TV remote. It made a loud bang and that was the end of an era.

I decided to share the experience with a friend who I had been speaking to throughout the day. He laughed and never asked me if I was okay, but stated he was just about to send me the link for the concert.

The Front Room TV was my only option as I didn’t want to miss. I was excited, it was Rick. This guy has made some of the best hype music in my opinion and got me through those late nights at university when projects were due, and I couldn’t find the motivation.

We got to see inside one of the 12 rooms in his $5.8 million (£4,188753.92) home…

Did you know his home was one of the chosen locations for the ‘Superfly’ 2018 remake directed by Director X?... It will also be a feature in the new ‘Coming 2 America’ film released on 5th March 2021 exclusively on Amazon. (Make sure you look at for my review on it.)

Back to the concert itself…


· “Super High”

· “B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast)”

· “Aston Martin Music”

· “I’m Not A Star”

· “F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit”

· “Tears of Joy”

Rick had on a Black sweater and shorts with White Dior trainers and from time to time he would sit on a gold throne chair because he’s the King of ‘Maybach Music’. Everyone else was uniformed, dressed in a Black T-Shirt that had a vinyl printed black ‘MMG’ logo on it with Black jeans and trainers. It was clean, it was relaxed. The artwork on the wall caught my eye too, the paint splatters in a circle stood out on their own.

I found myself getting lost in the vibe and hype of the music, but there was one thing that didn’t sit well with me, Elijah Blake!... I’m not saying he’s a bad singer because he surely held some notes, but his voice didn’t fit the vibe.

I did some research into Elijah afterwards because I needed to know who he was, and why he was there. He’s been working behind the screens for some years. He’s a 2x Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter signed to Def Jam, he's made 8 albums between 2012-2019. He worked with Trey Songz on his 2009 album ‘Ready’ and he co-wrote Usher's number-one R&B hit, ‘Climax’.

He was the featured vocalist on Rick Ross’ 2012 single ‘Presidential’ off the ‘God forgives I don’t’ album, so I now understand why he was there, but honestly the other singer Troy Tyler was much better.

I know live sets allow you to change it up a little, but no disrespect, Elijah wasn’t my cup of tea. He sounded out of place and I feel he would have sounded better doing backing vocals for an R’n’B artist or making another album for himself.

Watch it and make your own decision because once again I could be wrong, and it would be nice to know your thoughts.

All stills from the NPR video on their website

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