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The little lady behind the brand

I’ve been debating with myself for a very long time whether to start a blog or podcast airing my opinion to the mass on the things that I’m interested in and get very passionate about.

2020 was definitely the year no-one saw coming and changed the way we do things forever.

These lockdowns have given me a chance to re-evaluate my views on a lot of things, especially my business…

As an entrepreneur you sometimes find yourself questioning whether or not you made the right decision and if all the money you’ve spent on building your dream was worth it. I’m human, my confidence isn’t always there, so when I have my off days I want to hide away from the world. Then I go on Social Media and see “the life” people live, and it makes it worse.

I always try my best to stay positive and remind myself that people only post what they want you to see and a lot of us are not posting the struggles of everyday life because it can be too personal and who does that entertain?

I’m a little lady with a lot to say, so this blog isn’t just going to be about me and struggles in my business. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I will share my opinion on some of my favourites including Streetwear, Film and Music.

Also, I will be showcasing other entrepreneurs who I know and love, who at some point over the years have inspired me to keep going whether they know it or not.

Why not head over to the About Us page to find out why I started this brand and I hope you stay on this journey with me as I open up to world in a way I have never done before.

Live, Love and Dare to Dream


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