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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

I remember playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on PlayStation 2 especially at the weekends after completing my homework. This game is one of my favourites. I grew up liking sports, especially Football and I was a huge Manchester United. Before Tony Hawk came along, I never knew Pro Skating was a thing. Tony managed to make skating cool for me, and I remember the episode of MTV Cribs he was on. He used his swimming pool as a mini skate park and seemed to always be someone who was having fun.

I never knew the first two games had been remastered and released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last year. I’ve been an Xbox gamer since my first experience of Halo on the Xbox 360 over 10 years ago and as I don’t have a next-gen console yet, I may treat myself to the games this weekend.

Activision announced they have remastered Pro Skater 1 + 2 for the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation and it’s to be released on 26th March 2021. They will also be releasing it on Nintendo Switch, but there’s no release date as of yet.

For those who had it on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but now own a next-gen console, you can upgrade to this new version for $10 (£7.07). If you had the digital deluxe edition, your upgrade is free.

Within this remaster you’ll receive sharper graphics, which means better textures, shadows, reflections for beautiful gameplay. As I write this, I’m getting excited and I’m looking forward to playing it for nostalgic reasons. I wonder if I still remember the combinations to get those crazy rail grinds and flips. With the upgrade, old-school skins for Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen and Steve Caballero will be available. I’m in lol.

I purchased the remastered edition of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy a while back on my Xbox One and when I tell you I felt like a child again completing levels that had me flooded with memories of my childhood. Hearing Crash says “Aku Aku” is something special and truly hard to explain unless you’ve played the game before and have a real love for it and the characters we were introduced to. The graphics on that game were bright, sharp and exciting and was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.

If you’re someone like me who has a true passion for old-school gaming, then Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 is needed in your updated collection. Stay tuned for an update on what I think of the gameplay once I’ve played it for a while.

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